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Kery James launches a new call to youth with “I Can”!

Kery James launches a new call to youth with “I Can”!This is a true exercise in style that accompanies the original soundtrack of “Banlieusard 2.” Indeed, Kery James and Leïla Sy recently released the second installment of the film “Banlieusard” on Netflix. This time, the Traoré siblings find themselves immersed in a contemporary plot with echoes of the novel “The Brothers Karamazov.” Three brothers, with opposing values, come together to defend their mother’s honor. The film’s original soundtrack can now boast of a new title, following “6 AM,” “A Thousand Reasons,” and “Too Strange.” With “I Can,” Kery James actually revisits a classic by Nas titled “I Can,” a pioneer of conscious rap who has been active since the early days of Hip Hop, notably with his album “Illmatic.”

Kery James launches a new call to youth with “I Can”!

This track, which he shares with Noumouké, also bears resemblance to his collaboration with Béné on “The Dead End,” as it contrasts the perspective of youth with that of experience.

If the original track by Nas, with its epic piano solo, was produced by Nasir Jones, Roy Hammond, and Salaam Gibbs, Kery James version, although it also features elements of piano, is quite different and was produced by Coolax, Sokhan, HS Century, and Tuboden. Coolax is a composer from the 94 who has contributed to tracks by Chilla and Vald. He also produced the classic track “The Day I Quit Rap.” Sokhan, on the other hand, has worked closely with Hiro. Lastly, HS Century and Tuboden are credited on the previous track of the compilation, “Too Strange.”

In a vibrant environment and in the presence of important personalities such as Bigflo and Oli, Youssoupha, Lilian Thuram, Ragnar the Breton, Hakim Jemili, Kalash Criminel, Kodes, Jhon Rachid, Juliette Fievet, Nahir, Soso Maness, Matthieu Longatte, Mouloud Mansouri, Booder, Driver, Nassim Lyes, Kanoé, and Zikxo, Kery James and the talented Noumouké share their perspectives.

Unlike the first installment, the visual aspect of this work was not signed by Leïla Sy, but by CRISTO. “Banlieusard 2” represents an extraordinary adventure not to be missed.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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