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Nouhaila Benzina becomes the first veiled woman to play in the FIFA World Cup!

Nouhaila Benzina becomes the first veiled woman to play in the FIFA World Cup! The FIFA had authorized it, but until now, no woman had taken the step. In France, the issue of veiling shakes consciences since the ruling of the Kherouaa by the Conseil D’Etat and continues to resurface in the public debate. Currently, CNews is discussing the subject. However, the French are quite distant from the policies in this area in neighboring European countries.

Nouhaila Benzina: First veiled woman in the FIFA World Cup!

Nouhaila Benzina played with the Moroccan team against South Korea in Australia during a World Cup match. Interviewed about her Hijab in statements relayed by the Libération website, the Moroccan downplays the event: “I’ve been wearing the hijab for years, and I’m very happy with it,” “a lot of work has been done over several years, and there has been a positive result.” The wearing of hijab during football matches is prohibited in France by the FFF, and it was a question that the French Conseil d’État had to settle.

The question had been raised by “hijabeuses.” And the Conseil d’État responded negatively to the public rapporteur’s conclusion, who wanted the annulment of Article 1, which prohibits “any display of signs or clothing that manifestly show political, philosophical, religious, or union-related affiliations.”

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