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Where does the Wu Tang Clan’s nickname come from?

Where does the Wu Tang Clan’s nickname come from? It’s a time that those under 20 years old can’t know. Around the 90s, the founders of the Wu Tang Clan unveiled their mythical album « Enter The Wu: 36 Chambers. » The New York dynasty was born. The Wu Tang’s history would be marked by success and tragedy, such as the death of ODB due to an overdose.

Where does the Wu Tang Clan’s nickname come from?

To understand, we need to put things into context. When the clan started to take an interest in Hip Hop culture, Kung Fu movies were all the rage in New York City. In reality, the darker neighborhoods of NYC housed porn cinemas, cinemas for the Afro-American community, and cinemas for the Asian community. The less fortunate rushed to these cheap cinemas, where the theaters were air-conditioned in the summer. The proximity of the Afro-American and Asian communities explains the accessibility of the Wu Tang to this culture.

One day, the movie « Shaolin and Wu Tang » was screened in one of these cinemas. RZA, ODB, and GZA, the three future members of the group, were present in the audience. They became passionate about Asian culture and Kung Fu. Today, GZA is knowledgeable about Kung Fu. After this encounter with the culture, the Wu Tang Clan started incorporating excerpts from this film and other Kung Fu movies into their albums, including their debut « Enter The Wu: 36 Chambers. »

For the uninitiated, the Wu Tang admires the spirit of Kung Fu more than the fights themselves. These movies promote values of loyalty and camaraderie, which resonate with the Wu Tang. It’s important to know that the New York community has faced numerous difficulties, and the spirit of Kung Fu warriors haunts them.

Furthermore, there is a complete cultural appropriation. The Wu Tang also samples a lot of music from Kung Fu movies. For example, the track « Triumph » from the album « Wu Tang Forever » samples « Duel to Death » released in 1983.

Thus, the Wu Tang Clan draws inspiration from the world of Kung Fu, reinterpreting its values and merging them with the realm of Hip Hop. This unique fusion gives the group its distinctive identity and has contributed to its reputation in the music scene.

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