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[Interview] Necro, The King of Death Rap !

Necro, de son vrai nom Ron Raphael Braunstein, né le 7 juin 1976 à Brooklyn, New York, est un rappeur, producteur, réalisateur et acteur américain. Beaucoup influencé par le heavy metal, il signe un rap sombre et extrêmement provocateur dont les sujets principaux sont la mort, la violence extrême et le sexe, genre qu’il appelle lui-même « death rap ». Il possède son propre label, Psycho+Logical-Records. Nous sommes allés vers lui afin de lui poser quelques questions dans sa langue natale…

Necro, whose real name is Ron Raphael Braunstein, was born on June 7, 1976, in Brooklyn, New York. He is an American rapper, producer, director, and actor. He is heavily influenced by heavy metal and is known for creating dark and highly provocative rap that primarily focuses on themes of death, extreme violence, and sex, a genre he dubs “death rap.” He owns his own record label, Psycho+Logical Records. We approached him to ask him a few questions in his native language…

  1. Wuddup Necro ? happy to interview you. PEACE
  2. Could you introduce yourself to our readers that might not already know you ? I’M NECRO, KING OF DEATH RAP

   3. How was it like to growing in Glenwood Projects, especially as a Jewish kid ? WAS TOUGH, ALOT OF BEEF, DRAMA, RACISM, EVERYDAY WAS A FIGHT

4. What defines your Rap is mainly extreme violence, do you remember your first contact with violence ?YEAH AS A KID IN THE PROJECTS, I WAS FIGHTING PEOPLE AT 6 YEARS OLD

5. You’re the founder of a hip hop sub genre 

that you named “Death Rap”. I know the difference between “Death Rap” and “Horrorcore”, but can you explain it to people that are maybe confused about the two ? HORRORCORE IS CHEASY, WACK BEATS, NOT BOOM BAP, LAME LYRICS, DEATH RAP IS THE REAL NYC SHIT, DOPE TECHNICAL LYRICS, BOOM BAP EVIL BEATS, INFLUENCED BY THE LEGENDS JUST DARKER

6. What is the best advice your legendary Uncle Howie (R.I.P) gave to you during his life time ? HE TOLD ME TO BE YA SELF WITH WOMEN, DON’T PLAY A ROLE

7. What is your worse sexual experience while touring ? I know you had many bro A GIRL IN ENGLAND FELL ASLEEP WHILE I WAS FUCKING HER, SHE WAS DRUNK LOL

8. What advice would you give to a young rapper that wants to blow up or create a structure ? BE ORIGINAL, DO NOT BITE STYLES

9. What do you have to answer to the people that are criticizing your use of the F-Word, either because they are gay or just shocked by it ? I COULD CARE LESS

10. Can you tell us more about the incident, when you broke a man’s jaw in Australia THE GUY THOUGHT HE WAS A TOUGH GUY, CHALLENGED ME, AND FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY, SO HE GOT HIS SHIT ROCKED

11. What’s your opinion on the Torri Amos murder case when your name was mentioning ? I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT OTHERS DO

12. What’s your opinion on the digital era music wise ? Do you miss the good ol vinyl times ? I LOVE BOTH, DIGITAL IS EASY TO DEAL WITH, VINYL IS CLASSIC FOR COLLECTING

13. What is your opinion on Hip Hop today in general ? NOW IT SUCKS BESIDES WHAT I AM DOING AND THE LEGENDS

14. Can you explain our readers who is Kid Joe and what he has become ? KID JOE DIED, RIP,  HE WAS OUR MASCOT, JUST A CRAZY AWESOME CHARACTER, HE MADE US LAUGH AND BROUGHT JOY TO THE ROOM

15. Are you on good or decent term with Bill now ? GOOD TERMS NOW

16. What memories do you keep of the X FIlm industry after being in contact with it for several projects ? I DO NOT LIKE THE ADULT INDUSTRY, VERY SHADY PEOPLE, BUT THE BEST MEMORIES ARE THOSE WITH JERRY BUTLER, HE WAS AWESOME, RIP

17. What are you upcoming projects ? WAIT AND SEE

18. One last word for our readers ? SALUTE AND CHECK MY SPOTIFY PAGE NOW

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