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Zaky & Abel31 – Combien – Friends & Family #2

AWA Records is thrilled to unveil its brand new concept: “Friends & Family.” This series of singles brings together both established and promising artists and producers, invited to share their vision with Kore. F&F is a compilation of diverse universes and styles within a zone of free expression, offering regular novelties.

Following the success of “4Life” by Kore and Guy2Bezbar, Friends & Family continues its momentum with this enchanting second track titled “Combien,” crafted by one of the most promising talents of the new generation: zaky. The track’s modern and captivating instrumental, imagined by the iconic producer of the New Gen, abel31, blends perfectly with zaky’s disillusioned lyrics and captivating voice.

This single epitomizes the spirit of the F&F project, opening its doors to artists from all walks of life to merge their unique styles and create something truly extraordinary. With each release, Friends & Family promises an unforgettable musical journey through a vast universe, celebrating artistic diversity and innovation. Stay tuned to discover more remarkable collaborations and moving melodies in the upcoming chapters of Friends & Family.

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