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YL asks for ‘Pardon’!

YL asks for ‘Pardon’!YL unveiled his project ‘LARLAR Part 1’ on November 13th, featuring collaborations with Sadek, Kofs, and MIG. The entire street scene found its way into the project of the Marseille rapper, who borrowed the name from his historic freestyle series. It was precisely with ‘Pardon’, the tenth episode of his ‘LARLAR’ series, that he marked his return.

YL asks for ‘Pardon’!

With an impressive career start, YL is capable of anything. He has a chameleon style that adapts to everything. With the title ‘Pardon’, he delivers a well-written urban ballad, revealing all his emotions.

It’s not conscious rap, but rather the consciousness of a rapper looking at himself in the mirror with clarity. The instrumental composition was shaped by Rjacks & Masta. These beatmakers, from Vigneux-sur-Seine, have worked on tracks with Kaza, Djadja & Dinaz, as well as on ‘Pochon bleu’, the first project of Naps. They also collaborated with Einar, the Swedish rapper who was assassinated last year. The composition is as poetic as YL‘s title.

The Marseille rapper seems very comfortable in this exercise, just like Tom Orsini who directed this ballad. He was recently one of the official directors of the Marsatac festival.

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