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With Kerchak, Level Santana, and Larry, it’s “Ice Ice”!

With Kerchak, Level Santana, and Larry, it’s “Ice Ice“!Kerchak, Level Santana, and Larry have joined forces for the compilation “Game Over 3,” launched by the studio 50K as usual. The title was released during the winter season. However, with “Ice Ice,” these three men aren’t here to celebrate Santa Claus.

With Kerchak, Level Santana, and Larry, it’s “Ice Ice“!

The instrumental composition of “Ice Ice” is the work of the trio Maximilien Silva, Seny Silva, and Ambitiou$. The first two have previously collaborated with Aya Nakamura on tracks like “Baby” and “T’as peur.” The latter beatmaker, since 2016, has produced for artists like Zola and Ico. The instrumental composition is firmly in the Drill style, creating a stark contrast with the festive spirit of the holidays.

The three men, known for their boldness, take turns at the microphone, resulting in a completely explosive outcome. A lyric video has been created for the occasion.

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