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TH Unveils “ASTON MARTIN VALKYRIE” Music Video: A Rising Star in French Rap

Recently, the French rap scene has been enriched by a rising star, TH, whose undeniable talent brings a breath of fresh air to this musical genre. His unique style, impactful flow, and original productions have managed to capture the hearts of trap enthusiasts, while also drawing the attention of independent rap media outlets such as Raplume, 1863, Midi Minuit, and many more.

TH has already made his mark with three notable singles: “AUDI RS,” “GLACIER,” and “DIABOLO ET SATANAS.” Furthermore, his EP titled “SI,” featuring the tracks “EUROSTAR” and “SATAN II,” confirmed his explosive potential in the music industry. And now, the artist has a new surprise in store for us with the release of the second part of this four-track EP, which promises to propel TH even higher in the French rap scene.

Among these two new tracks, we find “ASTON MARTIN VALKYRIE,” a fiery collaboration between TH and BangerMelodyZ, where TH also takes charge of the production. This track continues in the vein of TH’s distinctive sonic aesthetic while adding an extra layer of originality and energy. It perfectly reflects the new generation of French rap that continues to push creative boundaries.

But the EP doesn’t stop there. “LE CHIRURGIEN” is a track that reveals a more intimate side of TH, where he opens up more about his emotions. The hypnotic production by Ameen Beats, known for his work with artists like Kalash Criminel, creates an enchanting sonic landscape that allows TH to express himself authentically.

To celebrate the release of these two tracks, TH has decided to make a strong statement by unveiling the music video for “ASTON MARTIN VALKYRIE.” Shot on the streets of Bondy, this video offers a captivating visual experience that perfectly complements the energy of the song. The mesmerizing visuals, TH’s unique style, and the urban landscapes of Bondy come together harmoniously to create a true visual masterpiece.

In summary, TH continues to impress and surprise with music that transcends the boundaries of contemporary French rap. With “ASTON MARTIN VALKYRIE” and “LE CHIRURGIEN,” he once again demonstrates that he is a versatile and talented artist to keep a close eye on. The future of the French rap scene looks promising, thanks to emerging talents like TH who bring a new dimension to the genre.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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