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PNL prays for a ceasefire!

PNL prays for a ceasefire! After the Hamas attacks on October 7, Tsahal surged into Gaza, and for two months now, the bombings have been intensive in the Palestinian city. While some ceasefires have disrupted the rhythm of Israeli bombings, images of the dead parade in the news worldwide. Ceasefire requests have yielded nothing to date. Since the early days following the initial Israeli bombings, PNL has mobilized to demand peace and a ceasefire. Through statements and declarations, Ademo and NOS have been among the few French artists to officially take a stand for peace. Since the release of Deux frères three years ago, PNL has remained silent. Circumstances have decided otherwise. “Un jour de paix” is credited on the track with PNL. This title holds a special place in PNL‘s discography: “La paix, mon frère, ma sœur, c’est le seul sujet“.

PNL prays for a ceasefire!

The instrumental production of the track is signed by Joa and Snow, Sam Lawson, Boumidjal, and Holomobb. Joa is a regular collaborator with Ademo and Nos, having composed numerous tracks for them, including “Au DD” and “Déconnecté“. Boumidjal from Double X and his duo partner Holomobb contribute for the first time to a PNL track, as do Sam Lawson and Snow. The instrumental production is almost Pop and majestic. At the opening, one hears a Ney stifled by the ashes. A very striking image.

No egotrip or verbal violence for this track in which PNL sets aside its pectorals. There’s a real melody in the sound, not more dreamy than usual. The track appears as a musical prayer for peace.

This might be the French “Bloody Sunday” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Médine had unveiled “Gaza Soccer Beach” in his time. Still, PNL puts the demand aside for peace. There is only one message, one side, one cause worth defending: peace.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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