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NOTY LIFE, the young artist hailing from the 84th district, has recently unveiled his latest track titled “SCPNCQ,” and he promises to make waves in the world of rap. Starting his journey in Meaux within the 77th district, NOTY LIFE had already begun to make a name for himself with his group by his side.

However, life led him to new horizons, and he settled in Avignon (84), where he chose to focus on a solo career. It was there that he released a series of captivating Freestyles called “Sac 2 sport,” attracting an ever-growing audience.

Building on this initial success, NOTY LIFE didn’t rest on his laurels and subsequently revealed a 10-track mixtape entitled “EN ATTENDANT NOTY LIFE.” This release further solidified his presence in the music industry and left his eager fans craving for more of his new productions.

The wait will be short-lived, as NOTY LIFE is currently preparing several EPs, each containing 5 to 6 tracks. The highly anticipated first volume of this series will be available on all platforms starting from August 2nd at 00:00. Rap enthusiasts will delight in exploring his new creations, uncovering his artistic maturity and passion for music.

But the good news doesn’t end there. As a teaser, NOTY LIFE has already unveiled a first music video called “SCPNCQ,” an abbreviation for “Si C’est Pas Nous C’est Qui?” (“If It’s Not Us, Who?”). This evocative title not only reveals the tracklist for the EP but also showcases the project’s cover during the course of the video.

With such determination and infectious passion for his art, NOTY LIFE is poised to leave a lasting impression and carve out a prominent place within the French rap scene. August 2nd marks the beginning of a new era for this promising artist, and his fans are eager to discover what the future holds for him.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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