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Mister You presents ‘El Tiburon’!

Mister You presents ‘El Tiburon‘! Finally, the grand return of Mister You. The artist from Belleville is highly anticipated for ‘Hasta La Muerte 3‘, a project that has been awaited for many months. The album is now available on download platforms.

The rapper from the eleventh district has arrived with a multitude of collaborations, including with Jul, Ahmidouch, 3robi, Oxmo Puccino, Kreen, Many GT, Krilino, Walter, Kroco, Dyloxx, Banban, Tisma, Redouan Jebrane, S.Pri Noir, Still Fresh, Moha K, ISK, Bimbim, Djalito, and DJ Kader K. Big names to mark the return of the Parisian rapper. Mister You has also unveiled the visuals for ‘El Tiburon‘, a part of his project.

Mister You presents ‘El Tiburon‘!

The instrumental production is signed by Stef Becker, originally from the Centre Region. Active in French rap for more than 12 years, he has contributed to numerous projects, including ‘13 Organized‘ and ‘JVLIVS II‘ by SCH, with tracks like ‘Fantômes‘ and ‘Assoces‘. He has created a rhythmic composition on which the artist excels. Mister You adapts to all forms of production, and this time, he returns with strength.

Mister You was recently incarcerated in bizarre circumstances in front of his son, as he was preparing to board a plane. The artist addresses the circumstances of this incarceration in his new single, highlighting a certain form of ‘double standards’ in the justice system, which he vehemently denounces. He also speaks out against all forms of injustice in today’s society.

The video was directed by Hustler Game Premium, who has been dominating the rap scene, including independent rap, for a good decade.

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