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Montreal-based artist Malko is back with his new EP “MAELSTRÖM”, co-produced by Hypno, known for his work with Damso and SCH. The EP is set to release this Friday, December 1, on all platforms, and Malko plans to return to Paris in early 2024 to work on his debut album. At just 23 years old, Malko is already emerging as a promising figure in the hip-hop scene. Drawing inspiration from artists like Josman, Laylow, and Stromae, he is writing his own story, developing a keen sense for fashion, drawing from visual arts, and collaborating with musicians from various backgrounds. His creative and prolific spirit shines through his refined lyrics and a unique universe that reveals itself in each of his appearances. Malko will be opening for A2H this weekend in Montreal.

Malko made his musical debut in the winter of 2021 with the 3-pack “Spleen Amore”, which garnered attention across the Francophone world. Quickly returning to the studio, he released four new titles in the fall of 2022. These tracks featured collaborations with Canadian artists like Mike Clay (Clay & Friends), Jason Brando (Charlotte Cardin), Pops & Poolboy (Fouki), and French collaborations with director BlackDoe (Tayc) and rapper damlif (Yotanka Records), supported by visuals from Aimé Irabahaye (Skiifall).

In the summer of 2023, Malko introduced “30°”, a project influenced by Afro sounds, co-written and co-produced with his creative partner Willy Wonder and Hypnotic Beats. This project helped solidify his profile both in Quebec and France. In just a few weeks, the lead track “MOTOMAMI” became the most played song in his catalog on Spotify.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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