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Macy Lu: The Artist Exploring the Beyond Through Music

Back after her latest video “Soleil,” Macy Lu takes us on a spiritual journey through her brand-new clip “E.M.I” this time around. This Lyonnaise singer shares her experience with the beyond and her deep connection to the stars, compelling her to follow her instincts at any cost. For Macy Lu, life’s wounds and adversities are an endless wellspring of inspiration.

Macy Lu: The Artist Exploring the Beyond Through Music

Her latest track, infused with RnB and Soul, immerses us in her inner world, inviting us to delve into her subconscious. Macy Lu is a versatile artist, encompassing roles as a singer, songwriter, composer, and performer. Her passion for music, dance, and theater has been her guiding light since a young age, with singing ultimately taking center stage in her artistic journey.

Her inspiration is vast, ranging from James Brown to Pink Floyd, Lauryn Hill to Destiny’s Child, Amy Winehouse to NTM, and spanning artists like Janis Joplin, Stevie Wonder, Mos Def, Serge Gainsbourg, Mayra Andrade, Jacques Brel, and many others. Her musical universe exudes the strength and sincerity of these diverse influences.

Over the past decade, Macy Lu has been a prominent figure in the Lyonnais region, engaging in numerous projects such as Uptown Lovers, Supa Dupa, and fruitful collaborations with artists like Grems, RROBIN, and Zajazza. These experiences eventually propelled her to embark on a solo career in December 2019.

Whether in French or English, Macy Lu’s lyrics offer profound introspection into her life, loves, mistakes, pains, and scars. She delivers small poems, as if she were opening her intimate journal to the public, baring her soul to share her story.

For her latest project, Macy Lu has surrounded herself with a talented team, including Louis Bourgeois AKA Lazzman as the beatmaker, Benjamin Gouhier as the arranger and guitarist, Mathieu Manach on percussion and management, and Wendlavim Zabsonre on drums. Together, they create music that transcends boundaries, inviting us to explore the depths of Macy Lu’s soul through every note and word.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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