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Lyna Mahyem won’t speak to him “Plus Jamais”!

Lyna Mahyem won’t speak to him “Plus Jamais”! Lyna Mahyem has just revealed the first excerpt from her upcoming album with the title “Plus Jamais.” In reality, she reflects on one of her past toxic relationships. The track fluctuates between despair and a fresh start.

Lyna Mahyem won’t speak to him “Plus Jamais”!

The instrumental composition of the track is signed by Sam Heaven, a renowned French beatmaker who has collaborated with artists like Booba, Youssoupha, and Kery James. He’s notably responsible for the track “Poète noir” by Kery James.

The musical composition, like a fragment linked to the romantic concept of literature, follows Lyna’s emotions. By narrating her own story in this track related to her toxic relationship, the young singer addresses the various phases one goes through during and after such a relationship.

She begins by expressing her despair at having been a victim of a form of narcissistic abuse, and then the song evolves into a fresh start with a musical composition that leans towards reggaeton. Other artists before her have used this “two-in-one” approach, such as DA Uzi, and even Dre in “Darkside / Gone,” taken from “Compton.”

Lyna Mahyem has always candidly represented the stories of many young women who will identify with her. The video, directed by Guy Fonkui.

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