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L’ABelle & L’AB7 – La Belle & Le Clochard

L’AB, also known as L’AB7 and L’AB2C, is a Belgian artist with a status of being “very original,” fully embracing his dual musical identity. From the early days of cassettes, he was already scratching and recording his first lyrics, hinting at a promising music career. However, it was in the early 2000s, alongside the collective O.P.A.K, that things truly took shape for him, with two acclaimed albums on the Belgian rap scene. The collective already highlighted the striking personality, impactful lyrics, and extraordinary flow of the artist.

Today, L’AB7 has taken flight as a solo artist, delivering stage performances and videos that showcase his boundless creativity. Through his tracks and music videos, he transports us to a world of immense richness that is challenging to fully comprehend. His artistic potential is undeniable, and it is evident that he is still at the beginning of his artistic journey.

His quirky and offbeat appearance is an extension of his eccentric personality. L’AB7 does not merely deliver lyrics; he interprets them with an intensity that combines both tenderness and fierceness. At times, his words may seem edgy in content, but they are always nuanced in form, reflecting the complexity of the artist and his mischievous outlook on the world. His facial expressions and gimmicks also exude humor, adding a light and entertaining touch to his work.

Beyond his music, his visual identity captivates minds. He has managed to stand out with originality and make a mark among emerging Belgian artists. L’AB7 has become an essential figure, not only for his musical talent but also for his unique style.

His latest single, “L’ABelle & L’AB”, with “LABelle”, showcases the diversity of his inspiration. This collaboration highlights L’AB7‘s ability to adapt and explore new artistic horizons.

The artist has just unveiled a single written for his companion, drawing inspiration from the enchanting world of Walt Disney. References abound in the music video, even extending to the title of the single, “Beauty and the Beast.” The track was recorded in 432 Hertz, giving it a softer.

The song poetically explores the power of love, describing it as an intoxicating and enchanting sensation. Its positive spirit and benevolent vibrations make this track a captivating ode to love.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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