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Laazy: A Stalwart of Rap in His Hometown Unveils “Days before Starlight”

MUSIC, FRANCE – Laazy, a renowned figure in the rap scene of his hometown, has just unveiled his latest musical project: the EP “Days before Starlight”. Known for his sharp lyrics and catchy melodies, Laazy has managed to stand out in the ever-evolving music world, thanks to a unique artistic identity and an uncompromising approach to music.

From SoundCloud to the Stage: Laazy’s Rise

A veteran of SoundCloud, Laazy first tasted success with tracks like “I Love U”, “Alien”, “Doflamingo”, and “Netflix”. These early works helped carve out a distinctive musical identity for Laazy, blending rap and singing, with lyrics in both French and English, set to diverse rhythms like cloud rap, R&B, and alternative rap.

An Impressive Artistic Journey

Winner of the Carto Blaster competition organized by La Cartonnerie, Laazy was supported by the institution to professionalize his project. He had the chance to open for renowned artists like Lonepsi and Niska alongside 6rano and showcased his first EP “Summer Is Over” at the La Magnifique Society festival in 2019.

A Committed Figure in the Local Hip-Hop Scene

Reims, primarily known for its electro-rock artists, had limited space for rap. Laazy, with determination and resilience, managed to create his own hip-hop events, drawing in over 500 people and artists like Thahomey, San-Nom, or Squidji.

Artistic Redefinition During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Laazy redefined his artistic identity and visual image with the release of the EP “RED MOON” in January 2020. Supported by visuals from PX3 and CHEESE, this work allowed Laazy to reach a broader audience and make a name for himself in the capital.

“NEGROS” and “BLUE LAGOON”: Significant Projects

In March, Laazy collaborated with 6rano on the EP “NEGROS”, reviving French R&B across six tracks. He then unveiled “BLUE LAGOON”, the first part of a trilogy leading to Venus, blending rhythm and melody, sharing his doubts and aspirations.

“Days before Starlight”: A Symbolic EP

The new EP “Days before Starlight”, released on October 27, 2023, symbolizes both an end and an imminent arrival. This 10-minute EP, marking the birth of BIG L, tackles themes like pressure and determination. It seems to herald the rise of a new star in Laazy’s musical universe.


With “Days before Starlight”, Laazy continues to push the boundaries of his art. He does more than just create music; he carves a path that inspires and intrigues, proving that in the world of rap, one can shine while staying true to their convictions.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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