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Kery James & Slimane drop a positive song !

Kery James & Slimane drop a positive song ! This is the third excerpt from the original soundtrack of “Banlieusard 2“, the film that represents the myth of Kery James. To go back a decade, the “black poet“, as he describes himself, went to great lengths in front of French producers to secure financing for “Banlieusard“, the first installment of an intelligent film that is anything but an action movie. The film eventually made its way to Netflix and enjoyed resounding success after being rejected by French producers. Now, it’s the turn of “Banlieusard 2” to make its appearance on the streaming platform.

Kery James weaves a captivating plot around three brothers who are poles apart, except for a mother trying to bring a semblance of normalcy to a neighborhood that, like many others, has lost its way. The film has been available on Netflix since September 27. These modern-day “Brothers Karamazov” present a less stereotypical view of neighborhoods, under the direction of Leila Sy, who has proven herself in both cinema and the art of making music videos.

For this third excerpt from the soundtrack, the “melancholic” collaborates with Slimane. It’s also a way for him to showcase another facet of his musical repertoire. Backed by a few guitar arpeggios, the song is melancholic, yet it carries a message of hope, that of a generation growing up quickly despite the contempt and challenges it faces.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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