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Kerchak and Ziak Declare Their Love with “T’aimerais”!

Kerchak and Ziak Declare Their Love with “T’aimerais“!Kerchak is currently gearing up for the release of his new mixtape, “Season 2,” while Ziak unveiled “Chrome” several months ago, with a recent re-release. Both rappers are known for their ferocity and street style, typically sticking to Drill. Ziak and Kerchak have never ventured into more “open” tracks, as they say. However, the two artists are making a comeback with their second collaboration, a track that leans a bit more towards love while still staying true to their street narrative.

Kerchak and Ziak Declare Their Love with “T’aimerais“!

The instrumental production for the track was crafted by Lowonstage and Franklin. The young singer Killemv handles the song’s choruses. Lowonstage has received credit multiple times on Ziak’s album “Chrome,” particularly on tracks like “Pistol & Zamal,” “Chrome,” “Seinen,” and “Tombraider.” He also produced the Koba LaD and Ziak collaboration “Vautour.” As for Kerchak, he produced the track “Roule un autre.” The song is to music what chiaroscuro is to painting.

Kerchak and Ziak delve into dark themes related to their street experiences while simultaneously narrating their story with a woman portrayed by WillemV, who serves as the chorister with a muffled voice, reminiscent of Damso and Angèle’s “Le Silence.”

The video was directed by Bien Vu Prod, a production company heavily involved in French rap. They notably directed “Le Goût du Sel” by Ben PLG, a remarkable social commentary.

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