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Kaza in full “Connexion” mode!

Kaza in full “Connexion” mode! He’s an artist of the “Love” scene. Kaza first made a buzz with the freestyles “Hrtbrk”. The second part was particularly successful. Following his initial successes in this realm, the music-loving rapper specialized in analyzing romantic relationships. The artist even dissected a toxic relationship. Following the release of “Heartbreak Life” in 2020, the artist unveils “Heartbreak Life II” on January 12th. The track “Connexion” is from his new project.

Kaza in full “Connexion” mode!

The instrumental composition of this melodic piece is signed by Kaem. The beatmaker was certified gold with UZI for his work on the track “Guy Môquet”. He also produced “Freestyle 2” for Laeti, from the soundtrack of “Validé”. The track is both “laid-back” and powerful. Kaza showcases his extraordinary sense of melody in it.

In a few verses, the artist from the 94 region expresses his deepest feelings of love. Having become a doctor of love, he speaks of his feelings with much more optimism than usual.

The music video was produced by the company Artduclip, which followed Keblack on his tour. It tracks Kaza throughout his romance, without necessarily focusing on luxury.

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