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Kay The Prodigy stands out with “Dumb!”

Kay The Prodigy stands out with “Dumb!” Kay The Prodigy makes a grand return alongside her partner-in-crime, Mezzo Millo. Last March, the singer and her beatmaker unveiled the first installment of “Eastern Wind.” With winter’s arrival, here comes the second installment, accompanied by the visual for “Dumb,” an excerpt from the album. The singer breathes fresh air into a realm of rap that, under the influence of American rap, is increasingly becoming more uniform.

Kay The Prodigy stands out with “Dumb!”

Throughout the project “Eastern Wind 2,” a result of the collaboration between singer Kay The Prodigy and her beatmaker Mezzo Millo, the musical composition is signed by Mezzo Millo. In addition to his numerous collaborations with Kay, the beatmaker has also worked on the track “Kaylatrix” with Didi Trix, for example. The composition is original and incredibly relaxing.

Kay The Prodigy dances to the rhythm of Mezzo Millo with boundless energy. Her sharp punchlines, sometimes explicit, harmonize perfectly with a musical production based on a piano sample and a frenzied bass groove. It doesn’t fit into the old school or the new, it’s simply Kay The Prodigy.

The music video, directed by Youcef KR, is like “a film shot during a party.” The director follows the young singer, who has already been featured alongside Jeune Austin.

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