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Karifa – Colombie

Karifa, whose real name is Philippe Delest, embodies the very essence of independent artistry. His passion for music dates back to the 2000s, but it was when he formed the group Lunakii, alongside his cousins Cdeedie and Nearzo, that his musical aspirations took on a whole new dimension. They released several singles that were quickly recognized by industry professionals as fresh, original, and promising. One of these tracks, “Promesse,” even garnered over 400,000 views on YouTube.

Since 2020, Karifa decided to go solo, providing us with a glimpse of his unique style that blends impactful rhythms with beautiful melodies. His lyrics undoubtedly demonstrate artistic maturity and a desire to share personal stories.

Karifa’s influences are diverse. His first inspiration comes from the United States with the group Bone Thugs, known for their fast and rhythmic flow. He also cites artists like Drake and Migos. In France, it was Arsenik who inspired Karifa with their intelligently crafted lyrics. Among the French artists that capture his attention are Damso, Nekfeu, as well as lesser-known names like Werenoi and Edge, to name just a few.

With his latest single, “Colombie,” Karifa continues to pave his own musical path, bringing his unique vision to the French artistic scene.

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