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Kaaris presents ‘‘Le prix de la réussite’ !

Kaaris presents Le prix de la réussite’ !! Kaaris unveiled his latest work ‘Day One’ on December 15th. This work, following his collaborative album with Kalash Criminel, firmly rooted in street style, features collaborations with Koba LaD, SCH, Hamza, and Kerchak. Recently, the artist revealed the visual for the track ‘The Price of Success’, as a tribute to his children.

Kaaris vous présente ‘Le prix de la réussite’ !

This track, dedicated to his journey, serves as a lesson to his children. It follows Réussite, a single from ‘2.7.0’, which recounted his career and rivalries with Booba. In the late 90s, Shurik’n had released ‘Lettre’, a song akin to a testament for his children. Today, Kaaris revisits this concept, adapting it to the nuances of our era.

The instrumental composition of the track is by 2K and Gancho. 2K, a former member of the duo Double X, has been a significant figure in the rap world for many years, often collaborating with Guizmo and Werenoi. He was also behind the track ‘Niobe’ for SCH, to which Gancho also contributed. Gancho, the other beatmaker of Le prix de la réussite’, recently worked with Werenoi and Hamza on ‘Only U’. The song, both melancholic and powerful, allows Kaaris to pass on his legacy and his extraordinary journey from Sevran to his children.

The music video was shot in the villa of Kaaris, alongside his family, by Sponge. This production company has been accompanying Kaaris since the beginning of his ‘Day One’ project, creating all the visuals for the album.

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