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Jul celebrates his upcoming platinum record with the “Freestyle OVNI”!

Jul celebrates his upcoming platinum record with the “Freestyle OVNI“!Always the first! In 2022, Jul, Gazo, and Ninho dominated the streaming charts on Spotify. In 2023, it’s a repeat performance as the top three remain unchanged. While Jul unveiled his album “La route est longue,” going gold in just a few days and soon to be platinum, the artist celebrates his success with the “Freestyle OVNI.”

Jul celebrates his upcoming platinum record with the “Freestyle OVNI“!

A journalist from Kombini had seen Jul during a studio session. According to one of the sound engineers, he’s capable of creating a composition “à la Jul” in less than 5 minutes. We don’t know how long he spent on the “Freestyle OVNI,” but the beat is his creation. The artist presents an original and highly rhythmic composition. It’s not reggaeton as it’s faster, but there’s something Caribbean in this “Freestyle OVNI.” It’s a “musical unidentified object.”

In his usual style, the artist delivers “measured” ego trips. If the audience identifies so much with this Marseillais, it’s because success has brought him much more than arrogance. In this video directed by the giant William Thomas, he doesn’t flaunt himself surrounded by “folles” and dream cars, but he offers a glimpse of what’s happening in the neighborhood he never wanted to leave. This director, well known for his independent and major label music video work, is also behind the collaboration between Heuss L’Enfoiré and Gazo.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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