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Ivory feat Kofs – Pas changer

Ivory hails from Montargis. The artist recently unveiled their project “Mauvais produit”. After releasing a series of freestyles titled “MVP”, the rapper alternates between dynamic and dark tracks, as well as softer ones, in their project. They have just released the music video for their collaboration with rapper Kofs.

The instrumental production of the track is by Stef Becker. This beatmaker, formerly known as Youstef Prod, has contributed to several tracks in “13 Organisé” by Jul and has worked on “Assoces” by SCH. They composed a production with a rather slow tempo, featuring guitar arpeggios and a powerful bass.

In the track “Pas changer”, Kofs and Ivory express with bitterness, yet without resignation, their life after success. They regret the image some of their close ones have of them, while asserting that they haven’t changed. They also narrate their success story through this poetically infused track.

The music video, directed by Slowm PROD, plays with elements of the past and the future.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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