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Hös Copperfield & DA Uzi drop “Les tranchées” !

Hös Copperfield & DA Uzi drop “Les tranchées”! Hös Copperfield unveiled his EP “Lueur” in 2023 and has made a triumphant return with the video for “Les tranchées,” featuring DA Uzi, who is also featured on “Sur les chemins du retour.” The video continues in the vein of the two previous videos created by Hös in collaboration with Ninho, skillfully merging music and cinematography.

Both Hös Copperfield and DA Uzi excel in the art of storytelling!

The instrumental production of the song is credited to NK Beats, an experienced producer who has worked with artists such as Sensey, D.Ace, and Bolémvn. The track offers an enthralling blend of guitar arpeggios with a hint of Latin influence and seamlessly integrated basslines, providing the perfect backdrop for both rappers to showcase their lyrical prowess.

DA Uzi and Hös Copperfield demonstrate an innate talent for composition. In their respective verses, they highlight the distinctive cultural aspects of French rap, emphasizing the art of storytelling through carefully chosen words, drawing comparisons to modern “French Chanson.”

The video, presented in the form of a short film, accompanies the artists in their narrative, adding cohesiveness to Hös Copperfield’s body of work.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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