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Hobiwan – Mmmh

Hobiwan, a young talented artist, has just unveiled his captivating track “Mmmh,” showcasing his incredible musical journey. It all began at the age of 12 when he started writing his first lyrics. By the time he reached 16, his passion intensified, paying special attention to his writing and flow.

Today, armed with his experience and the path he has traveled, Hobiwan knows exactly what he wants and where he wants to go in the world of music. His persona is characterized by a subtle blend of humor and humble seriousness, adapting his style to the kickage style, drawing inspiration from the old-school boombap while modernizing it for the present era. As a true musical explorer, he also enjoys delving into other genres.

On July 21st, he marked a turning point in his career by releasing his first EP, titled “Hiver 94′” (Winter ’94), now available on all platforms. This EP symbolizes the transition from his childhood to adulthood, evoking moments of carefreeness and the challenges he faced. For Hobiwan, it is a remarkable achievement.

The hard work he invested in this project is evident in every note and word. This debut work will play a crucial role as a calling card, allowing us to discover the different facets of this promising artist. With “Hiver 94′”, Hobiwan boldly announces his presence in the musical universe and invites us to dive into his rich and authentic world.

The single “Mmmh” is the first extract from this project. In it, he demonstrates his lyrical ease and sense of rhythm. Hobiwan is an artist to keep a very close eye on.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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