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Guy2Bezbar and SDM set the mood with “Dis moi”!

Guy2Bezbar and SDM set the mood with “Dis moi“! One year after their joint project with Leto (“Jusqu’aux étoiles“), Guy2bezbar unveils a new sultry project titled “Ambition” featuring collaborations with SDM, Koba LaD, Josman, and Jey Brownie. The young French music scene gathers around this album, which undoubtedly will have a significant impact.

Guy2Bezbar and SDM set the mood with “Dis moi“!

Before the release of his album, the Parisian artist launched the freestyle series “Opération Dragon.” He celebrates the album’s release with the music video for his collaboration with SDM on “Dis moi.” The composition was entrusted to Junior Alaprod and Nardey. The influence of Junior Alaprod on French rap is undeniable, with previous major successes such as “Mobali” by Siboy, the magnificent “Dix Leurres” by Damso, or “Thibaut Courtois” by Shay. As for Nardey, he’s behind the track “Tchop” by Fresh, which won the “Nouvelle école” award. The instrumental composition creates an exceptional atmosphere.

What is quite rare is that the flows of Guy2Bezbar and SDM harmonize perfectly in an exceptional synergy. There is a genuine musical exchange. Guy2bezbar, who is also a figure in the French Drill scene, has no trouble adapting to a slower and more ambient tempo. This marks a significant evolution in Guy2Bezbar‘s style, who also showcases the breadth of his artistic repertoire throughout the “Ambition” album.

The music video, directed by Arthur Keasy, is original and distinctive. Far from the beaches, sun, or South American favelas, the two artists opt for originality by setting their scene in a forest cabin.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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