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Fresh LaDouille is even more “Solide”!

Fresh LaDouille is even more “Solide“! In July of last year, Fresh LaDouille unveiled the reissue of his project “Voltaire.” After a strong comeback with the explosive freestyle LaDouille #8,” the rapper hailing from 94 presents us with a brand new single titled “Solide.” This track reveals itself to be more soothing than what we were accustomed to. The artist demonstrates his ability to evolve in various musical styles.

Fresh LaDouille is even more “Solide“!

The instrumental composition of this piece is signed by one of the French beatmakers who has entered the Rap Hall of Fame: Noxious. He needs no introduction, having left his mark in history alongside composers like DJ Kore. We owe him the production of tracks such as “RATPI World” by Booba, “Putana” by Ninho, or even “Bénéfice” by SCH. This instrumentation is characterized by a few guitar notes accompanied by a slower BPM bass than usual, creating a chill atmosphere.

In this track, the artist reflects on his success with a touch of melancholy, referencing friends who left him on the roadside before he achieved success. It’s a recurring theme in the world of rap. Fresh LaDouille engages in ego-tripping with sincerity, without excessive boasting or pretension. While gazing at the horizon from a beach, surrounded by his people in a Guadeloupe neighborhood, he takes an objective look at his past.

The music video for this song was directed by Kespey, who has experienced a significant rise in recent years. He recently directed the music video for “Gmail” by Favé andEtoile by ISK in collaboration with Niro. His ascent is undeniable.

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