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Freeze Corleone takes on the role of “Voldemort”!

Freeze Corleone takes on the role of “Voldemort”! After the release of “La menace fantôme,” the most controversial work in French rap for at least the past 10 years, Freeze Corleone unveils “L’attaque des clones.” Following the titles of the “Star Wars” saga, the artist recently achieved a gold record for his project, just a few days ago. The track “Voldemort” is extracted from this project.

Freeze Corleone takes on the role of “Voldemort”!

Freeze Corleone’s rap is filled with quotations and references. Beyond the simple reference to the iconic character from Harry Potter, this track is no exception and once again illustrates the artist’s tendency to create enigmatic compositions that only reveal their secret upon the second listen.

The instrumental composition of the track is credited to Flem, Rayane Beats, & SHK. A talented team, with Flem being a cornerstone of Drill Music who has been accompanying the artist since his beginnings. He’s even mentioned by Freeze Corleone in some of his tracks, and Django dedicated a project to him titled “S/O Le Flem.” As is customary, Freeze Corleone operates in a dark atmosphere.

He delivers punchlines full of meaning in a verbal onslaught that has been his artistic signature since the beginning. The direction is in the hands of Pieges Studios, as was the case with his previous music videos. They also handle the music videos for Ashe 22.

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