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Ether – Simulcast

Ether, the artist, hails from the suburb of Aubervilliers in the 93rd department of France. His musical influences are diverse, ranging from Trap sounds to RnB, and even encompassing Plug/DMV and boom-bap styles. His musical approach is described as an authentic auditory journey, centered primarily on conveying emotions through simple yet impactful lyrics.

During his childhood, Ether was an enthusiast of wrestling and manga animated music videos, which initially led him towards rock music. However, everything changed in 2010 when he stumbled upon Kanye West’s “Power” music video, instantly captivating him with rap. In 2012, under the influence of the legendary group 1995, the artist began rapping with his friends just for enjoyment.

In 2018, Ether decided to take things more seriously and locked himself in his creative space for a year to perfect his art. Armed with a microphone and a sound card, he incessantly created and worked, thus giving birth to the beginnings of his musical universe.

After releasing a few singles and his debut EP “3D” between 2021 and 2023, Ether is now ready to step up to the next level! Ether proudly unveils his brand new project titled “Simulcast.” A musical virus consisting of 7 carefully programmed tracks aimed to reach the heights of success. Last week, we had the privilege of discovering the music video for “Amadeus,” an excerpt from this masterpiece, directed by Mujonaks and produced by Laysi Beats.

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