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Elia – Etre une femme

Elia is an artist signed to the 92i, Booba‘s label. She has just released a complex track titled “Être une femme” (Being a Woman), carried by delicate piano notes and a haunting voice that she has nurtured since the beginning of her career. The song initially explores themes of identity and gender, telling the story of a young girl who dreamt of being a boy.

Elia composed the track herself, along with Boreyx. The young prodigy of the 92i has already proven herself as a songwriter, composer, and performer. Additionally, she participated in her mentor’s farewell on the album “Ultra” with the touching song “Grain de Sable” (Grain of Sand).

In the music video, one can perceive possible references to the film “Victor Victoria” by director Roxanne Depardieu, a cinema classic released in 1982, where Elia transitions between different disguises.

The lyrics also evoke the transition to adulthood. It is a charming single.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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