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Dymhaine – 2 Fois

Discover the brand-new release from Dymhaine, as he unveils his latest track, “2 Fois,” a captivating excerpt from his upcoming project titled “VAN GOGH.” Immersed in the depths of rap from a young age, he embarked on his journey within the “Génocide” collective, in addition to being an active member of the “Liaison Fatale” collective, which brings together his friends, cousins, and loved ones. It’s the core values of sharing, respect, and family that propelled Dymhaine to embrace music. His perception of his community goes beyond mere “fans,” rather he regards them as “supporters,” reflecting a team where each individual plays a pivotal role. His pseudonym, derived from his family name, echoes his desire to maintain an honorable image. Dignity steers his path, a principle he deeply cherishes.

Dymhaine’s work embodies maturity, depth of thought, and a sharp artistic intelligence, expressed through his lyrics and melodies. Several years after his initial steps, he fully realizes his potential and decides to transform his passion—once a mere outlet—into a true professional opportunity. After countless late-night meetings, the establishment of a strong team, the development of a precise artistic direction, hours of relentless effort, talent, and unwavering determination, the “VAN GOGH” project comes to life. Behind this endeavor stands a united family, overflowing with affection for his nieces and nephews, a family brimming with love, a hint of anger, and a fervent desire to claim their place. The announcement of the EP’s release date is imminent; stay tuned. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the sky, as new revelations emerge on the horizon.

The evocative title “2 fois” perfectly encapsulates the rapper’s style. In his album titled “VAN GOGH,” paying homage to the famed tormented painter, Dymhaine showcases his extensive repertoire. Regardless of the form Dymhaine’s rap takes, he exhibits remarkable lyrical ease.

The instrumental composition of the track has been carefully crafted by DAMASK. On this captivating production, the artist delivers punchlines with his distinct flow, accompanied by thoughtful rhymes.

In contrast to the trend observed in American rap, French rap has evolved around a love for words. Dymhaine stands among the few rappers upholding the poetic legacy left by the pioneers of French rap. His versatile talent attests to his reverence for the guardians of the genre. The video’s creation, orchestrated by Preelfilms, refines the aesthetic envisioned by the rapper.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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