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Hailing from Toulon in the south of France, DJAFSKOV is an emerging artist who has been grabbing attention with his captivating music. Recently, he unveiled his latest track, “Gucci,” which only adds to his growing reputation. With an already impressive journey and unwavering determination, DJAFSKOV is poised to conquer the music scene.

The Path to Stardom

DJAFSKOV first entered the world of music by sharing freestyles on his YouTube channel. These videos quickly gained popularity, now amassing over a million views. His passion for music and undeniable talent have been the driving forces behind his rapid rise in the music industry.

The artist from the 83 region has also made a name for himself through musical collaborations. He contributed to Hooss’s album “French Riviera 3,” showcasing his versatility as an artist. Furthermore, his participation in the track “C’est Réel” in collaboration with TK13, the Marseille phenomenon, has generated excitement among listeners.

P.A.C.A: A Regional Project

In his project titled “P.A.C.A,” DJAFSKOV highlights his native region, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (P.A.C.A). This project features artists such as DIKA, MOUBARAK, and LAFAMAX, creating a distinctly southern ambiance. DJAFSKOV adeptly captures the essence of his region and reflects it through his music.

A Promising Future

For DJAFSKOV, the best is yet to come. His dedication to music, creativity, and undeniable talent bode well for a brilliant music career. He continues to explore new musical horizons and push the boundaries of his creativity.


To stay updated with DJAFSKOV’s musical journey, be sure to follow him on social media. You can discover his latest musical creations and support him as he climbs the ladder to fame. DJAFSKOV is an artist worthy of your attention, so stay tuned for his captivating music and exciting journey ahead.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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