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Diezy – Drug N Love

Diezy Drug n Love: His Musical Style & Influences Revealed. Diezy, a versatile artist who wears two hats as a rapper and a beatmaker, has made a powerful impact with the release of his single “Drug n Love.” This multi-talented artist strives to stay grounded in reality through his music, using this platform as a loudspeaker to address certain issues while celebrating other aspects of life.

Far from fatalistic thoughts, Diezy offers a nuanced perspective through his music, illustrating that somewhere, solutions exist for every situation. His musical style is imbued with melancholy, capturing waves of memories that resonate more nostalgically with each listen.

In 2022, Diezy launched his own brand, Le Crew, featuring a logo with a cyclic symbol and a hashtag. This symbol represents unity, a concept close to the artist’s heart. With “Drug n Love” and his upcoming projects, Diezy continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, demonstrating that independence and versatility are the keys to his success. Stay tuned to discover more exciting musical creations from this multi-talented artist.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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