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DA Uzi – WeLaRue #8

DA Uzi makes a grand comeback following the release of his album “Le Chemin des Braves” in 2022. At that time, he had collaborated with Ninho, Kanya Samet, Lacrim, Gazo, and Oldpee. He returns in the best way possible with the eighth installment of his freestyle series “WelaRue”. Since his project “L’architecte”, the Sevran artist has greatly enriched his repertoire. However, in his freestyle series “Welarue”, he often showcases his qualities as a kicker and a lyricist. This is evident in the case of this eighth installment, but this episode also has a small particularity.

Similar to the track “Darkside / Gone” on Dr. Dre’s “Compton” with Kendrick Lamar, like Jok’Air on multiple tracks, or Sofiane who took a more laid-back approach to his “Remontada” with Azet, the artist has divided his freestyle into two parts with neighboring yet distinct instrumental compositions. The compositions are the work of Shuriken, who also composed “Sobre” for Django. This suma divisio is also representative of DA Uzi’s life, or rather, his new life.

In the first part where he kicks, he presents his new life as a Parisian surrounded by his loved ones. In the second part, in Sevran, it’s the street rap that witnessed his birth and that he unfolded in his project “Mexico”. Additionally, this ambivalence between the neighborhood and the new life was highlighted by Sofiane in the music video “Arrête-moi si tu peux”.

Both parts of the video, despite their equivalent energy in the verbal outpouring, were directed by Louis Rossi.

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