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DA Uzi unveils the freestyle “WeLaRue #9”!

DA Uzi unveils the freestyle “WeLaRue #9“!This is the new style of DA Uzi. He has just taken up the freestyles “WeLaRue“, but the rapper from Sevran is no longer the same. After the success of “Mexico“, “Architecte“, “Vrai 2 Vrai“, and “Le chemin des braves“, the rapper is doing “WeLaRue” freestyles in two parts: one for his life in the city and one for his life on the street. The new DA Uzi has arrived!

DA Uzi unveils the freestyle “WeLaRue #9“!

For the flashy first part of his freestyle, the rapper headed to the South of France, to the French Riviera. The rap is still authentic, but the clothes have changed. DA Uzi is posing in Gucci at the casino. Five beatmakers share the instrumental production: Hako Beats, Miixii Beats, Rudynovski, TH4, and Pesow, delivering an explosive instrumental production! For the most part, these are renowned beatmakers like Rudynovski, who collaborates with artists such as PLK, Worms-T, and Rim’K.

For the second part of the track, we return to Sevran, with the same dark aspect as in the previous “WeLaRue” freestyle. The rap gets raw in Sevran, surrounded by those who watched him grow up. Félix Pignard directed this freestyle in two parts.

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