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CypherX – Tonton

CypherX is a 30-year-old artist, drummer, and guitarist from the South, trained in jazz drumming at the Conservatory. He has played in various rock, blues, and jazz bands for nearly 10 years, frequently performing in the bars of the French Riviera and at private events. At 25, he turned to trap music, influenced by his encounter with Epta and the artists from the CHL Production label. Passionate about this genre, CypherX strives to enrich trap, which he sometimes finds musically limited, by recording the album “1ère chaise” (First Chair) in an unsanitary basement during their sleeping hours.

The album features musical rap battling against transhumanism and the pitfalls of technological innovations. It offers an innovative style that blends physical acoustic instruments with trap/drill instrumentals. The lyrics, focused on provocative and sharp punchlines, explore unusual themes that differ from those typically used in rap.

The concept of the “chair” developed by CypherX is a metaphor based on Karma and Yin and Yang, symbolizing life situations where we are naturally powerless.

The artist has just unveiled a highly energetic, utterly wild track. Between vitriolic lyrics and a frantic rhythm, the artist bets on originality. As impertinent as he is original, he focuses on uniqueness.

Produced by Kabubeats in a somewhat hybrid and slightly whimsical style, the instrumental production perfectly matches this highly controversial track. The realization, signed by Sayra Kunst, a Barcelona-based artist, is simply magical.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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