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Cookiesan unveils his project “Dans ma tête” !

Cookiesan unveils his project “Dans ma tête” ! Cookiesan, the French artist of Manga Rap, unveils “DANS MA TÊTE,” a highly anticipated project by his fan community. This album offers a musical journey into the intricate universe of Cookiesan, exploring a diverse range of emotions and powerful themes, ranging from revenge to love, through rage and dreams. Each track is associated with a “Porte” (Door), representing a different emotion, creating a rich and varied experience for listeners.

The album includes two previously released singles, “LISA” and “KAKASHI,” as well as two collaborations with artists D.Ace and SHG, adding an international dimension to this opus. An immersive interlude takes listeners even deeper into the album’s universe.

The video for “Eiichiro Oda” celebrates the world of One Piece and manga, paying tribute to the author Eiichiro Oda. Cookiesan is a pioneer of Manga Rap, going beyond mere references to convey the emotions of works while using manga codes to convey profound messages.

The “DANS MA TÊTE” project offers an artistic experience rich in emotions, international openness, and a tribute to manga culture. For fans of Cookiesan and Manga Rap, this album is a must-listen. Dive into this complex musical universe and explore the doors of Cookiesan‘s mind with “DANS MA TÊTE.”

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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