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Clyy – Raymond Reddington 

Emerging from Mantes-la-Jolie (78), the up-and-coming artist CLYY has made a significant comeback with his latest track, “Raymond Reddington”. Following the impact of his collaboration with Lamatrix on “Enquête”, CLYY continues to carve his niche in the French rap scene with this new release, further establishing his talent and originality.

In “Raymond Reddington”, CLYY vividly portrays his daily life through an enthralling melody, solidifying his status as a newcomer to keep a close eye on. Dubbed “the melody of 78” and “the determined rookie”, the rapper stands out for his ability to create a unique harmony between lyrics and beats.

CLYY is now emerging as the “young goat” of the new generation. With just a few tracks under his belt, he has crafted a distinctive musical universe and garnered a strong fan base, appealing to both new wave enthusiasts and long-time rap connoisseurs.

His latest track, “Raymond Reddington”, is a true show of strength. The song embodies the saying: “Tune in, there’s enough for everyone!” With this track, CLYY demonstrates his capacity to captivate a wide audience, inviting everyone to connect with his musical world.

While his complete project is anticipated to be released soon, “Raymond Reddington” is available as of this Friday, December 8. This single serves as a promising preview of what CLYY has in store for the future, reinforcing his status as a rising star in the Francophone rap scene.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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