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CHRONOS feat KARLITO – J’ai teinté mon coeur

Chronos, an artist from Seine-et-Marne, is emerging as a rising star in the music world, thanks to his unique style and passion for the power of words and artistic expression. His recent collaboration with Karlito on the track “I Dyed My Heart” showcases his ability to blend impactful flows, sharp rhymes, and catchy melodies, thus captivating an increasingly wide audience.

What sets Chronos apart is how his lyrics reflect his personal life, experiences, and the challenges he has overcome, as well as his insightful observations of the world around him. His songs are a mirror of his authenticity, conveying significant messages through clever wordplay and striking rhymes. He uses music as a powerful tool to make people think, inspire, and captivate his listeners, constantly seeking to engage them both emotionally and intellectually.

Determined to push his limits and flourish as an artist, Chronos aims to make a positive difference in the music industry. His ultimate goal is to touch people’s hearts with his music, inviting them to an experience that is both thoughtful and emotional. With the commitment and passion that characterize him, Chronos promises to continue to surprise and enrich the musical landscape. Stay tuned, because, as he says, “there is much more to come from me”!

This track with Karlito was produced by Ging Prod. It is dark and shadowy. The two artists deliver their dark punchlines in an ambiance that breathes the street. It is in this type of rap, street rap, and this production with a Baile Funk rhythm that we see the future of rap.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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