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Benab unveil his single “Luna” !

Benab unveil his single “Luna”. This year, Benab unveiled the album “Drapeau Blanc” featuring collaborations with Timal, Naza, and Lynda. In addition to his project, the artist released the single “Luna”.

Benab presents “Luna”: a gentle and soothing track!

As is customary, the artist entrusted Bersa with the instrumental production. This beatmaker from Sevran is responsible for most of the instrumental compositions for the artist. He frequently collaborates with other artists, including Maes, who is also from Sevran, much like Benab. Yes, Sevran has become a central hub in French rap.

In a rather elegant sequence, Benab sings more than he raps. Always committed, he laments that today, it only takes “killing an Arab to become a millionaire.” The track has a somewhat melancholic tone. The video was directed by Hustler Game, a professional in the rap industry for over a decade.

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