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Ashe 22: Announcement of a new project!

Ashe 22: Announcement of a new project! After a joint project with Freeze Corleone, the master of Lyonzon revealed his album “Vingt-Deux” in 2022. This album features interesting collaborations, including Osirus Jack, Rim’K, Central Cee, Soolking, and the Belgian Hamza. After a period of relative quiet, Ashe 22 came back strong by consecutively releasing three episodes of his freestyle series “Splash,” and has just completed the sixth episode.

Ashe 22: Announcement of a new project!

The freestyle series “Splash” maintains a dark and obscure atmosphere. This latest episode is no exception, with a macabre ambiance that remains true to the creator’s aesthetic. The instrumental production is the work of two renowned beatmakers: Anybxdy and Leiso.

Anybxdy has collaborated with artists like YL, Timal, and 13 Block, notably contributing to the composition of “4 saisons” by Ashe 22. The second, Leiso, is a Belgian beatmaker from Brussels and a member of the “Ricochet” collective. These two producers have created an extremely dark track that harmonizes perfectly with Ashe’s somber verses.

Remaining true to his style, without rushing the pace, Ashe 22 manages to create a unique atmosphere that has become his signature in the world of rap. The video was directed by Pieges Studio, which was also behind Ashe 22’s previous two videos.

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