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An’Om Vayn Tempête: Exploring The Hybrid Musical Universe

An’Om and Vayn are self-taught artists who have created a hybrid musical universe blending rap, pop, and electro. An’Om expresses his life and emotions through precise and melodious rap, exploring themes such as anxiety, personal development, and ambition. On the other hand, Vayn adds a personal touch by crafting musical atmospheres that transcend genres, incorporating electronic elements.

Their success was propelled by their first collaborative single, “Astronaute,” which achieved platinum status. In November 2021, they released their debut studio album, “Parallèle,” offering an auditory experience that delves into the duality between an imaginary world and a darker reality.

Their musical collaboration began several years ago, with Vayn contributing to the composition of three tracks on An’Om‘s double EP, “Le remède,” released in February 2018. Subsequently, the duo published the mixtape “Le labo” in July 2020, featuring 11 tracks, including 9 with accompanying music videos, as well as 4 instrumentals, all stemming from their project “10 mois/10 sons.”

They are passionate about the music scene, where their live energy creates an electrifying atmosphere, blending various styles and emotions. Vayn performs his own instrumental productions while An’Om captivates the audience with his powerful vocals and exceptional energy. They have already conducted over 50 concerts, offering a performance where skill, emotion, and connection intersect.

On October 27th, An’Om and Vayn will release an 8-track EP titled “Blizzard,” exploring a period in their career following the release of their debut album. This EP addresses themes such as artistic wanderlust, fear of failure, and the challenges of the music industry, further affirming their unique style with An’Om‘s lyrics and Vayn‘s electro-infused productions.

Finally, “Tempête,” the first track on their “Blizzard” EP, marks their return with a determination to assert their hybrid and distinctive style. Over Vayn‘s powerful production, fusing rap elements with electro influences, An’Om raps about the journey so far and his relationship with his art.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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