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Alonzo reveals ‘Le Massacre de la Saint-Sylvestre’!

Alonzo reveals ‘Le Massacre de la Saint-Sylvestre! ‘It’s been 6 months since Alonzo unveiled his latest single; he’s making a comeback in the best way possible with a freestyle he has modestly titled ‘Le Massacre de la Saint-Sylvestre 2023’. The artist sets the tone right from the start with a 100% rap freestyle, reigniting the flame of this artist who has been active in this field since the late 2000s.

Alonzo reveals ‘Le Massacre de la Saint-Sylvestre’

The artist has invited the cream of the crop to compose his freestyle. Spike Miller, who joined him at the Ardentes, is part of the group, as is Noxious. This Bordeaux-based beatmaker is considered one of the greatest French beatmakers currently active. As for Arty, the last beatmaker of the trio, he has earned several certifications this year 2023 with DA Uzi, Jul, RK, and Naps. The trio has created an energetic, almost masterful composition, where elegance meets energy.

Alonzo, at the pinnacle of French rap for over fifteen years, reconnects with his first loves. It’s an energetic freestyle, rapped in the purest way. The Marseille artist has lost none of his charm. It’s By Dimeh who took care of the visuals. This photographer and director also follows Alonzo very closely and has recently created a visual for Prinzly.

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