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The censorship of Drill music in Europe!

The censorship of Drill music in Europe has been ongoing for quite some time. This is somewhat logical considering that Drill represents the essence of gang culture in Chicago since its inception. Violence is an integral part of Drill; it is its trade. However, this violence does not come out of nowhere; it is a response to an equally violent society.

The censorship of Drill music in the United Kingdom!

The controversy surrounding Drill music originated in the United Kingdom. While it is true that Drill music videos, which are intended to depict gang culture, can be more violent than, for example, Grime or rock videos, the controversy arose from the fact that an increase in acts of violence in the UK led some observers to conclude that Drill music contributed to the establishment of a conducive climate for violence. As a result, the videos were reported to the police and subsequently censored.

Over 100 UK Drill music videos have been removed from the YouTube platform at the request of the police. And considering the difficulty of getting promoted on Google Ads, it is understandable that videos associated with this movement receive no form of promotion. Moreover, the police have issued injunctions to certain artists to prevent the use of violent lyrics or imagery. In 2019, Skengdo & AM were suspended for two years after performing at a concert in London.

Opinions on this subject diverge. While some observers speak of a negative influence of Drill music, in reality, it is primarily an illustration of a society plagued by violence, a symptom rather than a cause.

@hell_sinky HISTORY OF #DRILL ♬ son original – Zez XXI – Hell Sinky

The case of Freeze Corleone in France!

In France, and even more so in the USA, freedom of expression has protected most artists. And so far, no link has been established between Drill music and insecurity. Of course, far-right troublemakers are not kind to rap. Eric Zemmour speaks of it as a “subculture,” while others compare rap to “barking.” But generally speaking, the government has not seized the issue.

Except in the case of Freeze Corleone, who is one of the founders of the new Drill wave in France. After the release of his album “La Menace fantôme” (The Phantom Menace), which aptly bears its name, the album was denounced by associations fighting against anti-Semitism. Many journalists protested against the project. Skyrock even removed the tracks from its playlist. And finally, the rapper was the subject of a question at the National Assembly in the government.


Freeze "Corleone" à l'Assemblée Nationale !

♬ son original – Zez XXI
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